Who are we?

Meet the Lauras

We’re the Lauras: LC and LP! 

At a measly seven years old, our families moved to the same neighbourhood of a small country town in England. 

Growing up together, we were like sisters. We lived through all those awkward teen years together. From first loves to heartbreaks – and let’s not forget – our emo phase! 

But, despite both taking different paths in life – one of us lives in NZ – we’ve always remained close friends.

While living on opposite sides of the world, both our long-term relationships collapsed.

And that changed everything…

Months of moping with no change for the better, lead to the question:

“Why were we still not over it?”

What was holding us back? And why was it still hurting?

By digging a little deeper and having some invaluable chats. We soon realised, it wasn’t the break ups so much. But the relationships we’d been in – that’s what was affecting us.

Ever heard of narcissistic abuse

Na, we hadn’t either!

Turns out, narcissists are not the healthiest people to involve yourself with. So, being in a relationship with one can kinda fuck you up (you can end up with C-PTSD from it).

Imagine realising after your break-up that your partner was mentally abusing you. And you had no idea the entire time.

Which begs the question:

How did we not know?

For starters, nobody we knew had ever mentioned narcissistic abuse. So it wasn’t on our radar. And to make matters worse, emotional abuse is difficult to spot – especially if you don’t know what to look for.

So we got to thinking, “there must be more women in the same boat as us”.

And there were.

What do we do?

Bit by bit, we started speaking about it, educating our friends and telling women we met. We realised the lack of awareness was universal; nobody knew about narcissism.

Look, we’re no mathematicians (or psychologists). But with the estimate of actual diagnosed narcissists. Plus the undiagnosed narcissists, there’s a good chance you could meet one. They could be a family member, a friend, a partner or a boss. And if you add up all their individual life connections, that’s a lot of potential harm.

So you’re going to need a defence to bat those baddies away. And that starts here, with educating you all about it.

Sallt Sisters is a narcissistic abuse blog spreading the word to empower you with knowledge. We encourage you to connect and share your experiences with us, helping each other to heal along the way.

Because that’s what connection does; it brings us together. We’re bound by our shared experiences and that holds power. 

There’s strength in numbers and together we’ll thrive again.

We’ll validate you more than the people in your life. Because as you’ll know, if your support system hasn’t experienced narcissistic abuse, they just don’t get it.

So we’re your non-judgemental friends and we understand what you’ve been through. 

What’s in the name?

We thought you’d never ask! It’ll make sense in a minute.

The sea was one of our many childhood connections. Boy, did we love a dip and a bodyboard back in the day! We’d be out in the ocean for hours; weeing in our wetsuits, belly flopping off our boards, burning our porcelain skin (*cough* LP)! And it was always the best time. 

So you get your salt from the sea, whack another ‘L’ in the word – cos we’re both called Laura – and you get Sallt. 

But there’s more.

Back in the day (not historians so not sure how far back) salt was a cure for wounds.

You’d rub it into a wound and it would sting like hell. But, healing would always follow. 

Well your trauma’s your wound. And we’re the salt for you.

Talking about your pain is going to hurt at first. You’re rehashing some awful shit you’ve been through. But if you want to heal, you’re going to have to talk about it.

And who better to talk to about your pain, than other women who’ve been through the same?

That’s kinda catchy, don’t you think?

We’re your community, your sisters.

So if your biggest struggle right now is not having anyone who understands you or can validate you. Then we’re your gals.

The Lauras: Sallt sisters brand quote

The aftermath of being with a narcissist

What if we told you that a few years from now, you’ll look back at your toxic relationship and be grateful for the experience?

Sounds nuts doesn’t it? Almost unbelievable.

Probably doesn’t feel like that now – especially if you’re still going through the motions. 

When we were recovering, it felt never ending, like there was no escaping our thoughts. We’d wake up and for a split second forget what had happened. And then a flush of sadness would remind us again of the bad thing. You go through this loop on the daily, for weeks, maybe even months.

Narcissists leave you feeling psychologically disturbed. First you have the shock of dealing with the reality that your partner – someone who you loved and trusted – was an abuser. And then you’re faced with the challenge of trying to understand how you were oblivious to it all. It’s so fucked up. 

Not to mention the complete and utter waste of your time as well. So that builds more resentment. It leaves you feeling powerless and like you’ll never have any justice for what you went through.  

You think you’ll never be able to trust someone again. You’re afraid to fall in love and fearful you could end up with another narcissist. All these feelings are completely valid.

But they’re not permanent.

It’s going to take a lot of work, tears, anger, regret, you name it. You’ll feel all the feels. But you need to process all the trauma to move forward.

You gotta feel it, to deal with it!

The more you delay it, the harder the grief will bite back.

So that’s where we come in. 

How can we help you?

We’re going to educate you along your journey and help you understand how you got here. And then, we’re going to give you the strength to pick yourself back up again.

You’ll be thinking, “Damn, I wish I’d left sooner”.

We’re both ‘healed’ in the sense where we couldn’t give a rats ass about our exes. So long suckers!

We still have our odd wobbly moments, but nothing we can’t cope with. And its minimal to what the trauma first felt like. We actually feel pretty fucking happy.

Recovering from narcissistic abuse is a complicated landscape to say the least. We’ve both been there and know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the aftermath. So, you’re going to need a helluva lot of support to get through this next chapter.

But you’re not alone.

We want you to see your worth, know that you deserve better and have the courage to leave.

With the right guidance, we’ll show you it’s possible to heal, grow, and thrive once again.

And one day, you’ll be like:

“Wow that was a shit time in my life, but look at me now”. 

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